opusR - Reports, Bereinigung und Compliance für RACF

opusR is your RACF-data warehouse

opusR collects all existing RACF data in a large database. Each definition and command executed is available there. OpusR's monitor records all accesses seamlessly, 24 hours a day. More extensive than SMF, faster in access than any sequential file and linked across all different sources. The data is kept consistently over long periods of time.


opusR display turns it into a data cube

OpusR dialog is an analysis tool that can be used to quickly penetrate the heterogeneous data. Drill-down quickly and deeply penetrates your data at critical points. You extend the selection where you need it or group it where it makes sense. Complex correlations over many data sets are displayed at the touch of a button. Deep analyses that are only possible with consistent data are available as row commands.

A tool for audit, report, cleanup

opusR generates your reports with a command of over 100 different base selections and several thousand criteria. Cross-system or highly specific. Simple or very complex. And brings the data to the screen, as mail, XML, CSV, text on host or PC.


opusR monitors the activities of RACF. Without gaps. Data is loaded into DB2 databases on any z/OS system outside peak time without charging your license costs. opusR puts these accesses in relation to your RACF database. And keeps this relation up-to-date even if you change the RACF definitions. Proven over large quantities and long times.


opusR links data as a data cube. All information is related to each other. When administration definitions change, opusR also changes the relation. To ensure 100 security for your system, you need 100 complete and accurate data. Our display allows you to enter over 6 levels at over 100 points. From there, you can analyze your data in more than 2000 directions.


You generate reports for the host with the dialog, write directly to a network drive or send them as an email. You set the format. List or Excelsheet. CSV or load file. For your change report, you can back up a status and compare it to the existing one. Or open a ticket in their incident system. Meet your compliance needs.